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The profession of industrial designer has changed considerably in recent years. Two factors, above all, have influenced this change. The vastly reduced lifetime of industrial products in highly dynamic markets, especially in the consumer goods sector, but also in capital investment products, has given increased importance to marketing in general and to product development and design strategy in particular.

Design institutions can only meet these developments effectively if they equip their graduates with the relevant technical, analytic and theoretical knowledge and skills and launch them successfully onto the professional market.

UWID offers a practically slanted degree program focused on process-oriented product development – i.e. the planning, conception and design of industrial products. Key program topics are modern technology, innovative design, and experiential value for the user-consumer.

The regular period of study in the bachelor’s program is 8 semesters (four years). The advanced phase of the program offers two focus areas: technical products and product systems on the one hand, and strategic design on the other. The international cooperation module offers opportunities for studying abroad.

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