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Sadaf Rostamkhani


Thesis subject
The impact of design strategy in innovative product design and corporate development in Iran.

The application of design strategies, taking account of national factors, will help Iranian companies develop new products and improve existing ones, and thus contribute to long-term market success. Focusing on SMEs, the research project seeks to enhance the perception and application of design strategies in product development processes, and to determine the premises on which these can be based.

Current position
As well as working on her doctoral project, Sadaf Rostamkhani teaches mathematics at a private school in Bonn and is collaborating in a research project of the University of Tehran.

After graduating in 206 with a bachelor’s degree in industrial design from Azad University of Art and Architecture in Tehran, Sadaf Rostamkhani began a master’s degree in the Faculty of Industrial Design at Tehran University. Her special focus on household appliances brought her practical experience and semester internships with Iranian companies such as Pars Khazar, Morris und Sepehr Electric. Her doctoral project, on which she has been working intensively since 2009, is based to a considerable extent on this experience.