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Nadine von Seelen

Thema der Diplomarbeit: 
Encourage the process of learning

Prof. Gert Trauernicht
Dipl.- Des. Holger Hampf

Kontakt: von_seelen(at)gmx.de

The use of digital and analog tools are changing the way students learn, play, socialize and participate in society. Learning in the 21st century is active. Being immersed physically is an important element of becoming engrossed mentally. To rethink the physical interaction considering analog and digital advantages is the focus of this project. Project re: is an impulse to re:think, re:imagine and re:structure learning with the goal to form reflective personalities. The movable table is a start to rearrange the learning space, to break the traditional structures, and build a supportive environment. The interactive school furniture provides presentation skills, strengthens personality and interaction to prepare students for their career. Students can organize the learning space by themselves and use open source education tools to extend it globally. New technologies open up opportunities to encourage the process of learn-ing in schools. Project re: uses this new influence to inspire people to rethink education.