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Arminda Paige

Kite Killer Wrist Guards

Prof. Gert Trauernicht, Prof. Andreas Kalweit

The Kite Killer Wrist Guard combines two products into one. It was developed for the beginner kiter, one who isn’t the best with controlling the kite and keeping balance while flying. The Guards have two primary functions to protect the wrists from impact and to brake the kite upon the release of the handlebars. There are two special features which are a quick release button and a rubber flex point in the guard to allow mobility for the kiter. The quick release button locks the kite line into the Guard and once pressed together with the other hand or pushed against the kiters' legs it will release the kite lines. This is used if the kite gets caught with another kite.

The guards are glove like to cushion the first two fingers from the kite line.The kite lines run through the first two fingers and cause stress after some time. The fingers are covered to alleviate some of the stress. As the kiter grows in experience he/she can remove the kite line attachment and just use them as wrist guards.