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Dan Wodarcyk

Peter Lynn Cruiser seat

Prof. Gert Trauernicht, Prof. Andreas Kalweit

This Peter Lynn Cruiser seat was designed for the majority of kite buggy enthusiasts: the recreational riders who look for a relaxing time on the beach each weekend.

In an effort to provide these recreational riders with a comfortable cruise on the beach, this buggy seat is highlighted by a four-part inflatable bladder system. These air bladders support the crucial zones of the user's torso and legs, and quickly position the rider into a proper seated position. The PVC fabric inflatables are connected by tubing and the air pressure can be adjusted for personal preference through the use of a mouth-operated valve.

The seat, which is designed for the Peter Lynn Competition buggy frame, is constructed of a three-layer sandwich: weatherproof Cordura fabric lines the inner shell, PE comfort foam provides a layer of cushion, and TPU coated Nylon fabric creates an extra durable outer shell. The back rest of the seat is positioned higher on the rider and is supported by a length of incorporated steel cable. Polyamid webbing and improved hardware, such as cam buckles and drainage eyelets, round out the construction of this design and improve the user interaction during assembly. In addition, a tool pouch has been incorporated into the rear of the seat, allowing for storage and quick access to only the necessary hand tools needed for assembly and disassembly.

The recreational riders of kite buggying are looking for comfort in an uncomplicated design for a reasonable price. Riders can find this in the Peter Lynn Cruiser seat, which provides ergonomic positioning and comfort through the use of an innovative air bladder design.