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Jordan Hildebrandt

The Sport Utility Case by Mystic

Prof. Gert Trauernicht, Prof. Andreas Kalweit

While it is important to have cutting edge sport performance equipment, it is just as important to maintain organization and protect personal valuables when in action. Unlike traditional sports, with Kite Surfing, there are no designated side lines to keep personal belongings and equipment .The sidelines are merely the environment that surround the activity. This could be snow, water, beach, rocky land, or even a combination of multiple elements .This case addresses specific inefficiencies that current storage and transport products do not. It offers security; the case protects valuables, uses a key and combination lock and has a sounding alarm for invaders. It offers an element of utility; the hard case is durable and can endure almost any environment and the case can be used as a kneel pad for when assembling equipment. This case also fits within the sport lifestyle and design trend.