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Philippe Vossel


Instant Fotodrucker

Prof. Gert Trauernicht
Prof. Andreas Kalweit

Kontakt: mail(at)philippe-vossel.com

Never before as many pictures were taken, as today. In spite of the digital media, the physical picture still has an extremely high value. Though, despite the flood of photo services, the process of getting you physical pictures is rather annoying. 
The PIK A6 is a sublimation photo printer, which enables the user to get high-quality prints the fastest possible way. The printer is designed in a way, so that it can be used both at home, or for commercial use in public places. Here it can be located at places where emotional pictures are taken, like festivals, or the skiing lodge. 
The data is transmitted through the app, it works on the local network or even over the Internet, fast and intuitive. With the smartphone close by printers can be found, images can be edited, or if public prints can be paid.