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Matt Gill

Kettler E-bike Battery

Prof. Gert Trauernicht, Andreas Kalweit, Christof Ronge, Stephan Geiger

An e-bikes battery needs to address the needs of the consumer, the bike manufactuer and the manufacturer of the electronics. For the consumer this battery encompasses the charging apparatus so that the bike may be recharged out in public or in any building with an outlet, on or off the bike. For the bicycle manufacturer I made the main body from an extruded piece of aluminum. This allows for the battery to be powder coated in the same way that the bicycle will be, providing a perfect match. To be manufactured by the electronics company I adopted a fairly common strategy; two plastic caps to hold the electronic components within an extruded aluminum body. In addition to housing the batteries and providing a perfect match for the graphics and paint of a bike the metal acts as a heat sink for the battery cells and A/C adapter housed inside.