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Dorothea Rajakuleswara, Moritz Rybnikar


LIQUEFEYE is an interactive, eye tracking controled diving device. If you want to easily take photos or make videos underwater, without any disturbing equipment, it's the right choice. You just have to use your eyes. The LED frame is aligned straight ahead and functions as a video lamp, headlight and flash for your photos. Furthermore, LIQUEFEYE is a full-blown diving computer with an intelligent decompression-assistant that gives you all necessary data for your dive, in realtime. In addition to that, discover-mode delivers instant information about flora and fauna underseas. The system analyzes and identifies everything that's around you. It can even give you an estimate of the size and weight of an animal and what you find can easily be saved in your logbook. LIQUEFEYE is the all in one solution for your underwater experience in the near future.