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Patrick Bliss

Thema der Diplomarbeit: 
Innovation Toolkit

Prof. Dr. Brigitte Wolf
Prof. Norbert Thomas

Kontakt: patrick(at)weareperspective.com

Today many companies and brands face increasing complexity in the strategic product development and innovation process. Companies can struggle with time constraints, market changes, budget cuts, changing consumer behavior, sustainability demands etc. Product innovation briefings can therefore be incomplete and designers find themselves sharpening the brief of their clients by helping to put things in a more complete context.
This innovation toolkit is intended to facilitate the exploration and mapping of the three important pillars for strategic product development: Brand, User and Context.

Furthermore the innovation toolkit is intended to clarify the context and scope, determine the strategy of the project and accelerate innovation. The implementation of such a strategic design tool is thus beneficial for all stakeholders involved.
On the clients‘ side it is valuable as it creates grip on the relevant elements and helps to put things in the right perspective. On the designer‘s side, it creates a cohesive design strategy developed together with the client.