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Sustainable Summer School 2009

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International design students from all disciplines meet in Wuppertal to design the future of everyday life and rituals

The summer school „value by less“ offers students from all over the world the unique possibility to design and to shape the future lifestyle in a sustainable way. The workshop starts with an excursion to visit locations from the period of coal mining which are now transferred into sustainable re-use.

27th September to 4th October 2009

As an introduction to the subject the students participate the first two workshop days in the international congress (The Future of Sustainable Products and Services – Innovation Conference, 28./29.9.09), where renowned experts on business, science, ecology and sustainability present the latest research results on sustainable issues.  On the third day the students will be grouped into teams (4 to 6 students), they will be introduced to the working methodology of the workshops, which continue for 4 days in total. An experienced professor will guide each workshop.

At the end of a workshop day the students have the possibility to share their ideas and their experience with an expert in eco-efficiency, like Prof. Dr. Schmidt Bleek (President, Factor 10 Institute)  and ecobusiness, like Michael Radau, (CEO, SuperBioMarkt AG).

The workshop ends with a presentation of the elaborated concepts. Finally a discussion will take place that relates the concepts of the students to the criteria of sustainability. The summer school ends with a trip to the Museumsinsel Hombroich and a party.


  • University of Wuppertal - Industrial Design
  • Wuppertal Institute - for climate, environment and energy
  • Folkwang Hochschule
  • Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Art
  • CSCP


Prof. Dr. Brigitte Wolf
Dipl.-Des. Marcel Befort

Link Website: www.designwalks.org