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Andrea Augsten


Thema der Dissertation

Design-orientated organizational transformation. 

In my ongoing PhD program about Design Thinking & Innovation in cooperation with Volkswagen AG I focus on design-oriented organizations. My research takes a deeper look on how a human-centered approach could intensify cross-departmental collaboration and affects an organization’s culture and its ability to innovate.

In large corporations the collaboration and teamwork of people with various backgrounds is increasing and this diversity supports iterative, non-linear processes. This, as well as the digital transformation, requires a re-thinking of organization culture to foster a future-oriented mindset.

The design-specific dealing with the unknown could offer an indication why interdisciplinary teams are already working with design activities. Currently it seems to be accompanied by an interest in these skills, methods and its kind of knowledge generation that is used in interdisciplinary teams. In my work I question what skills, knowledge and roles are necessary in the context of innovation. 

Assuming design activities support interdisciplinary innovation teams in communicating and breaking through existing knowledge boundaries inside the culture of an organization, they might extent the 
collaboration across departments and divisions to force innovation thinking, or even enhance an entire company to a design-driven one.

Aktuelle Tätigkeit