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Mariella Jäger


Thema der Dissertation

Sustainable packaging design development: Integrating sustainability metrics into packaging development and manufacturing processes to meet environmental and profitability targets (with focus on corrugated board packaging)

While the global case of sustainability is touching every aspect of every industry and is reshaping the marketing strategies of companies and products, the case is not any different in the packaging industry. Today, while businesses are facing big challenges that require them to take strong measures to meet local government laws and international regulation, industries have to indulge in environmental responsibilities to find sustainability solutions while meeting consumers demand that is becoming more sophisticated and selective.

Packaging companies are more and more investing great efforts to build sustainability strategies and to take the right measurements to add new considerations to the packaging design and manufacturing processes. With design aspects becoming so critical, there is a growing need for professionals to find solutions that meet with the new regulatory landscape for packaging and to review every aspect of the package lifecycle from initial concept to the choice of raw material, manufacturing processes, to distribution channels and disposal methods.

This qualitative research will be exploring in depth the sustainability context from one side and corrugated packaging from another, and the link between the two including every process effecting the package development, while identifying current strategies and methods used in the packaging industry to enhance the sustainable development of any fiber based product during its lifecycle. Furthermore, the research examines case studies of NGOs, packaging manufactures, design firms and global companies and how they integrate change to their business strategies to include new sustainability metrics and targets.

The main target of the research is to gather and analyze sustainability methods and filter best practices and their implementation guidelines in addition to exploring new ideas to create design innovations that can meet sustainable criteria while still achieving competitive advantage in the packaging sector.

Current Activity

Mariella Jaeger is pursuing her Ph.D with Prof. Dr. Brigitte Wolf at the Wuppertal University while heading the marketing department and innovation center at IPC, INDEVCO Paper-based packaging division, member of the global industrial company INDEVCO group. She also lectures occasionally packaging related courses at the Lebanese American University.


Mariella Jaeger holds a Masters of Science in Packaging, Design and Marketing from the Hochschule der Medien, Stuttgart and a BA in Graphic Design from Notre Dame University. She speaks six languages and is an expert in publication design, branding, marketing, business development, packaging engineering, design and innovation and has over 15 years of experience in those fields.

After founding the first men publication in the Middle East, she opened a firm specialized in media licensing and acquisitions consultancy and have worked with global companies such as Weider Publications Inc., American Media Inc., Motor Presse International, Gruner + Jahr International, Summit Business Media, Hearst and many more. In 2006 she acquired her masters in packaging while working closely with German industrials (Daimler Chrysler Germany, Schmuck-art, Peter Hegewisch GmbH, Hochland Kaffe, Brauerei Ganter GmbH & Co. KG, Faber-Castell), to develop new product lines and their respective packaging during which she became passionate about the impact of packaging on consumer behavior and the environment which motivated her to pursue a research in sustainable packaging design. In 2012, was appointed director of Marketing and Innovation at INDEVCO Group, a Lebanese multinational group and since then has been working on bringing the industry closer to the academic institutions to develop and train talents that can later add real value to the industry.