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Neda Batenipour


Thema der Dissertation

Designing the Outdoor Public Playground in Wuppertal for Children Ages 4-8, Through Co-creation Mindset 

This study aims to research for designing a concrete project as a public outdoor playing space for children ages 4-8 in Wuppertal through co-creation mindset. 

Playing in outdoor spaces is a natural and critical part of a child’s healthy development. Outdoor play environment could be a powerful tool to support and enhance children's play. Playgrounds as outdoor spaces where children play should be carefully planned and designed to satisfy organizational and environmental requirements, and meet different needs and wants of its potential users. 

Considering various shortcomings of available playgrounds in Wuppertal in different domains, such as environmental and contextual aspects, user-fitness, and play meanings through children’s insight in recent society, this study has been established.

Looking at a playground through the eyes of its potential users includes children as end users and other stakeholders, is really necessary to be sure that the final designed product/service meets real needs and wants. For this aim, the approach of this study has been planned based on co-creation mindset.

This study intends to create and develop an outdoor playing system as a concrete project through collaboration with its potential users, stakeholders, responsible organizations, and relevant experts and communities as co-creators. Co-creation practice, will value potential users as the true experts in domains of their own experiences and actively involve them in design process to the point of sharing control with them. They play a large role in knowledge development, idea generation, and concept development.

To find potential co-creators and start the cooperation with them, it was planned to contact with relevant institutes, like kindergartens, primary schools, and other institutes which present courses for children.

To explore children’s ideas, dreams, and insights, various generative design tools, such as creating story, painting, and open-ended communication will be applied. 

Furthermore, through the exploring phase, an online website will be designed and developed. By this way a mutual endless communication among users, organizations, experts, and relevant communities will be created. Regarding the gathered information, the concepts will be generated, developed, and finalized by co-creators.

By this social network that can form a practical brand, users and their societies will be engaged in rich conversation that generate deed knowledge and insights into the playing experience. It also let the responsible organizations to identify and act upon new growth opportunities with this enhanced global resource network continuously.